Part A' Celebration; The audience is invited to the party- celebration of a new era. Photos by Adonis Archontides
with Stella Georgiadou, Andreas Patsias, Marianna Michael, Adonis Archontides.

Part B' Pause; Counting down from 10 to 1, in the public spaces of the city. Photo by Savvas Pitzio

Πρώτη του Χρόνου (First Time of Time)

If the act of creation is an attempt towards immortality, then each anniversary we celebrate is a repetition of our failure to reach it. Therefore every celebration is not a creation, but quite the opposite – an anti-creation. We celebrate mortality. We re-evaluate our past and project onto the future.

The ‘First Time of Time is a collective anti-creation. It needs no audience and no actors to reposition the ‘new beginning from the 1st of January. Songs, dances, objects, memories and wishes will shape this real moment between now and now; the eternal moment of transition.