AUG16: Birthday, Antonis Georgiou, Dialogos

The Dust is Expected to Retreat by Tomorrow
JUNE17: Mediterranean See, Cathryn Drake, Artforum
DEC16: Nona Moleski, Phileleftheros  
NOV16: Dusty Realities, Kiriakos Spirou
JAN17: "[..] I don’t know how they wrote the script, but I would definitely love to have it and read it. Their use of language was so unpredictable, straight to the point and euphoric. But again, it was irrevocably tied to the specific execution of each scene, just like flesh on a sturdy skeleton, dancing in an ethereal way. We are talking about major plot twists happening back to back in just 50 minutes. Three non-egocentric performers, with an impressive control of their acting tools, and whose every grimace, sound and movement made them either tiny or huge, ordinary and totemic. They were deadly funny and their beauty was shining […] Well, if this is not a youth shot, what do we need our veins for?!" 
Giorgos Stoyias, ANEY LOGOU Column

Yokes Night, 2016
AUG16:  "...finger-on-the-pulse direction."  The Stage 
AUG16:  "...raw, fresh, challenging and beautiful."  Broadway Baby
AUG16:  "Crisp direction..."  Fringe Review
AUG16:  "...a show to rave over."  Edinburgh Guide
AUG16:  "...satisfyingly enigmatic." British Theatre Guide

Some big Some bang, 2015
AUG15:  "Beautifully written and a fantastic, brave concept."  Broadway Baby
AUG15:  "...incredibly well written."  A Younger Theatre
AUG15:  "...freshness and certain sex appeal to a largely clownish show."  Tychy
AUG15:  "Some lines sound as if they were translated from some other language by Google."  The Stage

Leftovers, 2015
AUG15:  "The director keeps everyone -cast and audience alike- on their toes..."  LondonTheatre1
AUG15:  "Stunning... more twists and turns than most Hollywood blockbusters."  British Theatre Guide
AUG15:  "More than special... demands, nay deserves, continued repeating."  Fringe Review
AUG15:  "Captivating, absorbing and emotionally powerful."  Actdrop
AUG15:  "Inventive and evocative way into a very human experience."  The Stage
AUG15:  "Extremely brave performance." StageTalk Magazine