The only way out is through, 2019


Attending the theatre presupposes our agreement to an imaginary contract that forces us to suspend our disbelief. “Suspension of disbelief” describes the willingness to temporarily withhold one’s critical faculties, and to sacrifice logic for the sake of pleasure of a theatrical experience. By remaining static on our seats, we agree to experience life through a rehearsal of it, we travel through space and time, while playing the role of the audience member. If we decide to abandon this illusion, the theatre will be revealed as nothing; and nothingness is the source of not only absolute freedom but also of existential horror.

The only way out is through is a thought process that comprehends this convention: starting from the materials of which theatre is comprised, to the illusion of “self” that contributes to the -potentially also illusionary- sense of collectivity. 

Written and directed by Dimitris Chimonas
Performed by
Loukia Pierides, Dimitris Chimonas, Marios Kolonias, Maria Alexandrou, Agata Jasmine López Varnavides, Lenia Georgiou, Anastasia Mckammon, Aphroditi Ntziourou, Aristi Spyrou, Chrystalla Sergiou, Elena Savvidou, Kyriakos Zak Constantinou, Nikolas Mouros, Vaggelis Koniotis & Garose. 
Music arrangement for Scene 2 by Loizos Olympios
Mentored by Rodia Vomvolou, Louiza Papaloizou
Poster Design by Andonis Moushis
Special thanks to Alexis Vasileiou, Andonis Moushis, Geoffrey Watson, Androulla Kafa, Maria Christodoulou & Andreas Patsias

Produced by Dance House Lemesos
The project has been developed as part of the Moving The New Artistic Development Programme by Dance House Lemesos, at the Home Workspace Programme at Ashkal Alwan, at Reinbeckhallen, Berlin, and Isadora & Raymond Duncan dance research centre.

Documentation by Pavlos Vrionides
Premiered at the OPEN HOUSE FESTIVAL, October 2019.